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The Stock Market

Looking for an after-market stock for your rifle or shotgun? There are a lot to choose from. Here are a few sources, in no particular order, and some samples of their products. Brownell's is a distributor for some of these manufacturers and others too.

Richards MicroFit has been in business since 1948 and has most styles and rifles covered, available 99% inletted for your gun, so that final fitting usually takes ten minutes or less. Their prices are in the $100 to $400 range.

Hogue has the economy side of the synthetic stock arena pretty well covered. Their stocks top out at around $300.

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McMillan is the Cadillac of Synthetic stocks, with every style from bench rest to classic and in a variety of colors from black to marble, and prices that can run close to a thousand dollars.

Accurate Innovations makes custom (gorgeous) drop-in-replacement stocks, also in the Caddy price range, or maybe up into the Mercedes bracket.

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MPI makes very rugged and graceful synthetic stocks, and for rifle models no one else does, like lever action Savage and Marlin rifles, and in odd configurations, like offset stocks for right handed/left eyed people. Prices start at around $600.

Bell and Carlson stocks are mostly in the under-$200 range.

H-S Precision stocks start at around $400.

Stocky's products are mostly under $400.

Boyd's has been around since 1980 and specializes in solid and laminated hardwood stocks. Their bottom-line stocks are less than a hundred dollars, but are NOT ready to use, requiring inletting and finishing.

Last, but not least, is Kalispell's own Kilimanjaro Rifles, built on the special laminated stocks invented by Mel Smart. These are in the custom Rolls Royce class, no one I know can afford one.

A basic stock is $7,995.00. The "best Grade" walnut is an additional $4,000. A Mannlicher style stock with scnabel fore end tip, ebony trim, and wrap-around checkering adds an additional $2,550.00. An extra fiberglass stock, so you won't scratch your new $15K stock by actually using it, is an additional $950.00

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