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Opinions on Epinions

Epinions is a general consumer review site that was established in 1999. Epinions was acquired by Ebay in 2005 and is part of It hosts consumer-generated reviews, buying tips and advice, ratings, price information, and is searchable in a number of ways from price to product type. Visitors can read reviews about a variety of items to help them decide on a purchase or they can join (for free) and begin writing reviews. Epinions is a free comparison shopping service that helps consumers compare millions of products from thousands of stores across the Web. The stores listed on Epinions pay to participate in Epinions' Merchant Network program.

The Epinions Merchant Network program uses a performance-based model in which stores bid for enhanced placement (color logos or higher placement on the page) on applicable product results and pay on a per-click basis. Epinions also allows users to re-sort the list by price, store name, and consumer store rating.

Epinions is committed to providing shoppers with the most comprehensive online shopping experience.

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