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Old World Garden Farms

Old World Garden Farms is a great site and worth exploring.
In their words:

In their words:
This site is dedicated to the love and art of all things Gardening, DIY, Cooking, Canning  & More.
A few years back – we began the journey to create and carve out our little self-sufficient farm – complete with a recycled barn, chicken coop, raised row garden, honey bees, vineyard and more.  This site is the ever unfolding story of the process – peppered in with articles and advice and projects for those looking to do the same.
We post 3 new articles each week –   On Tuesday it’s our DIY and Gardening Tips  – Friday, our weekly Cooking and Canning Recipe from the farm and garden – and on Sunday we bring you the Farm Update Post – bringing you up to speed on the happenings at the farm as the story unfolds.
You can follow along each week with us by signing up to follow the blog via email in the right hand column, “like” us here on Facebook, or follow us here on Twitter.
We have tried to incorporate simplicity and responsibility into every facet of building Old World Garden Farms – following 4 simple guidelines:
1. Build a completely sustainable farm with zero debt.
2.  Be responsible for the majority of the food we eat through growing, canning and preserving.
3. To re-use salvaged and recycled materials wherever and whenever in our buildings and projects on the farm.
4. To make it beautiful, and have fun doing it.
Take your time and look about the site – and feel free to drop us a line at with any questions or comments.  You can click on any of the picture links on this page to take you to some of our most viewed articles and pages – or feel free to search the category tabs on the left.
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Gardening!
Jim and Mary
Old World Garden Farms