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Photography is Not a Crime

. . . but too many police departments are treating it like one, and NOT just in Britain.

Carlos Miller is "Shining a Light on First Amendment, Media and Police Issues." His blog is a compendium of police vs. camera wielding citizens, his own experience made him a crusader.

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"My name is Carlos Miller and I am a Miami multimedia journalist with more than ten years of professional experience who was arrested by Miami police after photographing them against their wishes.

The incident occurred on February 20th, 2007 just after 7 p.m. at Biscayne Blvd and 67th Street. The five officers were standing inside a construction zone that was closed off to traffic because of an ongoing road construction project. I was standing inside the same construction zone, about a half-block from the officers.

When the officers spotted me, they ordered me to keep walking as this was a “private matter”. When I reminded them that this was “public road”, the officers abandoned the investigation to deal with me.

After one of them escorted me across the street, they ordered me to continue walking away from the scene of the investigation. When I refused and continued to take their photo, they tackled me and bashed my head against the pavement, breaking a $400 camera flash and threatening to shoot me with a taser gun.

I ended up spending 16 hours in the county jail on nine misdemeanor counts, the main charge being that I was standing in the middle of the street taking photos obstructing traffic.

However, if you look at the picture I took seconds before they arrested me, the one in the header of this blog, you can the street behind the officers.

I pleaded not guilty and after 16 months of delays, cancellations and false starts, I finally went to trial. After two days, the jury found me not guilty of disobeying a police officer and not guilty of disorderly conduct. However, they found me guilty of resisting arresting without violence.

After three years, all charges have now been dropped"

The Christian Science Monitor has a pretty good article on the subject of cops and the First Amendment.

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The Official Google Blog

The Google Blog is an Official weblog, with news of new products, events and glimpses of life inside Google.

If you use any Google apps -- and we all do -- this is the place to look for new features, new programs, new hints and tips on using Google's apps, and new thoughts from the brains behind the business.

Blogspot, Youtube, Google maps, Google Earth, and Gmail just scratch the surface of all that Google offers. This long, LONG , list covers most of their offerings, past and present.

The Google Blog is the thread that ties together all the news of all their services.

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Aljazeera, in English is not a bad news site, probably less biased than our press on many issues, and with better coverage of some world issues.

Aljazeera, meaning "the Island" or "the peninsula" in Arabic, is an International news network. The name refers to the Arabian Peninsula, the network's geographic origin. It's been around since 1996 and is regarded as the Fox News of the region, with some controversial content.

When Al Jazeera began broadcasting it introduced a level of freedom of speech on TV that was previously unheard of in many Arab countries. Al Jazeera presented controversial views regarding the governments of many Persian Gulf states, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.

It has claimed to be the only politically independent television station in the Middle East. However, it wasn't until late 2001 that Al Jazeera achieved worldwide recognition, when it broadcast video statements by al-Qaeda leaders. Its broadcasts are often censored by other countries but after several tries their web presence is both stable and convenient.

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Polson's Miracle of America Museum and Pioneer Village

The Miracle of America Museum in Polson is worth an afternoon's visit. It has everything from dozens of antique motorcycles to a working railroad and a Vietnam era Huey and, well, many other things.

In their words:

Whether it's diversity of size - from the Paul Bunyan, a 65 ft. logging tow boat listed in the National Register to a bird-point arrowhead, diversity of cultures, diversity of opinions from the moonshine stills to prohibition memorabilia, or just plain diversity of exhibits from harps to Harleys, the Miracle of America Museum has something for you. Over 100,000 objects displayed and their very diversity make this museum unique. It has been nicknamed, "The Smithsonian of the West" because of it's many and varied exhibits.

Cars from a 1910 original Maytag auto, through a myriad of others vehicles to the mint '69 Caddy convertible, captures the hearts of many transportation buffs. Four dozen motorcycles from a restored 1912 Harley to a 1965 "Trike" and three large showcases of cycle memorabilia, interests others. Bicycles range from an 1875 wooden "bone shaker," an 1890's ladies tricycle and a tandem bicycle with its rubber tires glued to the wooden wheels, to a fancy 1950's model sporting nearly every gadget available. There are fire trucks, dump trucks, pickups, buggies, wagons, race cars, helicopters, an 1880's vintage hearse, and an amusement park train. The museum recently added a new 2500 sq. ft. automobile display building. The artifacts added to the transportation display in the last year include a full size steam RR switching engine and an A7D Corsair jet attack bomber.

Have we captured your interest yet? Well perhaps you'd enjoy an original oil painting by Merle Olsen, a pastel drawing of a pow-wow dancer by Pina Jo Miller, small bird sculptures by Ace Powell, or a spectacular wood carving by the late deaf-mute John Clarke, called "Cutapuis - The Man Who Talks Not" by the Blackfeet. His carvings have appeared in galleries world-wide. This museum exhibits a Clarke sculpture carved from a single piece of wood, depicting a dramatic incident involving a mother bear, her foot caught in a trap, two cubs by her side and an advancing, rifle-toting hunter. Artistically executed, but definitely not "Fine Art" in the usual sense is a delicate picture made of rattlesnake bones and rattles and another of crocheted human hair which was made in 1889. In quilts, beadwork, even the varied styling of dozens of cast iron tractor seats, our ancestors created beauty in functional objects.

In the yard behind the main museum building lie over two dozen more buildings. There visitors can view the Montana State Fiddlers Hall of Fame, walk through an old-time general store stocked with antique merchandise, attend an original 1912 one-room school, see a saddle and harness repair shop, and tour a two story barn filled with agricultural implements and one of Montana's largest barbed wire displays. Another building is full of old wooden boats, like Marcus Daly III's sporty Garwood runabout the Third Bird, marine engines, and fishing displays. Logging memorabilia fills yet another building and the barber shop, sewing shop and appliance shop are overflowing with appropriate vintage artifacts. The 1500 sq. ft. fully stocked blacksmith shop and machine shop is looking for a full, part time, or "drop in" smith to exhibit the art, using museum equipment. There's also a trappers cabin and a Land Office full of old maps and early views of the area.

Veterans will appreciate the extensive military display which includes over 20 vehicles, a large collection of home-front posters and memorabilia from several wars. Gil Mangels, President of the Museum Board of Directors says, "The tribute to veterans isn't to glorify war, but to recognize the veterans of all wars and to help each of us remember the sacrifices they made to preserve our freedoms." The Law Enforcement display and a small Fire Hall pay tribute to these public servants.

Hueytrain ride

The Miracle of America Museum is about two miles south of Polson, right on US-93. It's 3/4 mile south of the US-93 and Montana-35 highway junction. It opens at 8 a.m. daily, year around. Busy summer days it usually closes at dusk and during the rest of the year, closes about 5 p.m. Admission is free if you're under 3, for ages 3 - 12 it's $2, and over twelve $5 (AAA & seniors over 65 - 50¢ off adult rate, maximum one discount per person per visit). Group tours are available.

They have started a Youtube channel and have some videos up if you want a preview.

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Imgur: Image Hosting

Imgur is an online image hosting service that allows you to easily upload a picture and share it with your family or friends, post it on a website, or embed it in your blog. Share and host your images in seconds! Imgur offers free image hosting to millions of users a day, serving over two terabytes of images daily.

JPEG, GIF, PNG, APNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XCF (GIMP) files are supported. (Please note that the TIFF, BMP, PDF and XCF formats will be converted to PNG on upload).

It is popular. One day's stats:
Images Uploaded: 27,473. Image Views: 33,832,662.

The service was created as a response to the usability problems encountered in similar services, which the creator describes as "bloated, confusing and annoying".

There is even an image uploader addon for Firefox that lets
you upload any image found on the web directly to, with a simple right-mouse click. Just move your mouse on the image, select "upload image on imgur" and there you go! The URL of the newly uploaded image is automatically copied in the clipboard.

There's no way to search for what other people are uploading, which makes everything you upload private. You choose what to make public by sharing the links to the images. Imgur is just a simple way for you to get pictures on the Internet as quickly as possible.

Some of the public pictures show in a browsable gallery and can be downloaded.

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SimplyHired: a JobSearch Tool

Simply Hired offers a nice point-and-click job search that is worth checking into.

In their words:

Simply Hired is a vertical search engine company based in Silicon Valley, and we're building the largest online database of jobs on the planet. Our goal is to make finding your next job a simple yet effective, enjoyable journey. We can't always promise you'll discover your dream job, but we'll give you the best chance possible to get a bigger paycheck, a more considerate boss, or a shorter commute.

But along with simplicity, we'll make it possible for you to see every opportunity out there. If your cousin is looking for a part-time job working the evening shift at a pickle factory 300 miles west of Texas, we'll help you locate that one-in-a-million job waiting for her in Albuquerque. Our tools will turn everyone into an expert at finding the needle in their own personal haystack.

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Got Scanner?

This Radio Reference page page has our frequencies, listing or linking to almost every transmitter in Flathead County and a map for getting frequency information from other counties.

It also has two live feeds from scanners in this county.

Here is the list for the FCSO:

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The Sportsman's Guide

The Sportsman's Guide offers discount hunting supplies, hunting boots, shoes, knives, tools, gunsmithing supplies, ammunition, military surplus and other outdoor gear.

It started as a basement business in 1970, issued its first catalog in 1976, and now boasts eight million customers, a 330,000 square foot warehouse, and a full money-back guarantee. They carry everything from ammo to nail clippers and boots to blood pressure monitors.

The site lists over 200,000 name brand items, and also hosts "Everything You Want to Know About the Great Outdoors" a section of comprehensive articles, columns by the experts, a women in the outdoors section, maps, weather, links to state DNR sites, fish and game forecasts, hundreds of listings for guides and outfitters in your area, ballistics and arrow shaft selection charts, "Where to Shoot" and "Where to Camp" sections, and much, much more.

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Woodworks Library

~ Woodworks Library ~

A unique collection of over 175 complete books on woodworking and related topics of interest to woodworkers. The Library continues to grow, All Free, all downloadable.

These books are in the public domain in the United States and everybody may read and distribute them.

This collection contains books which consist of both HTML and PDF format files. These files are very large and regrettably, are not optimized for dial up connection speeds. Here is the list of categories.

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