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The Concealed Carry Resource

The experts at The United States Concealed Carry Association are here to provide you the information needed to be a responsible and educated armed citizen. Learn about your 2nd Amendment gun rights, view concealed carry reciprocity maps, find trusted instructors, and stay informed on the latest concealed carry laws.

Everything from hardware and legalities to techniques and meatspace problems are covered in one of their forums. If you carry now or plan on doing so in the future, this site is the place to begin, and mayn end, your search for information.

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The Youtube Machinist

mrpete222  has his own youtube channel, and is posting how-to videos for budding machinists

Cartridge Headstamp Gallery\

The AFTE Headstamp Gallery take a little of the mystery out of cartridge indentification.

Album: Letters
Headstamps with alpha characters
Date: 07/24/2007 Size: 25 items (362 items total) Views: 33883
Album: Numbers
Headstamps with numeric characters
Date: 10/19/2005 Size: 38 items Views: 26134
Album: Symbols
Headstamps with symbols
Date: 10/12/2005 Size: 15 items Views: 15559
Album: Arabic Characters
Headstamps with Arabic characters
Date: 05/23/2009 Size: 6 items Views: 7477
Album: Rimfire
Rimfire Headstamps
Date: 01/26/2005 Size: 51 items Views: 49140
Album: Primer Stamps
Date: 12/07/2005 Size: 14 items Views: 11179
Album: Unknowns
Date: 05/16/2009 Size: 5 items Views: 8036
Album: Ammo Boxes
Date: 06/24/2007 Size: 24 items Views: 12028
Album: New
Headstamps not yet moved to correct album
Date: 05/30/2009 Size: 97 items Views: 51863

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M9 Bayonets

M9 Bayonet

M9 Bayonet.  On this website you will find the most complete history and description of the M9 Bayonet that you will find anywhere. The history starts with the development of the M9 Bayonet by Qual-A-Tec which later formed the company Phrobis III.  Phrobis III was formed to interacted with Buck to make the first M9 Bayonets. Buck manufactured M9 bayonets with both Phrobis M9 Bayonet and Buck M9 Bayonet markings for several years. Over time, Buck managed to get control over the supply of the M9 Bayonet in the United States until Lan-Cay underbid Buck in a key military contract. Lastly, in the 1990s the US Military offered for bid a new contract that was split between Lan-Cay and Ontario Knife Works.

These facts and many more are included throughout this website. The information here has been compiled from numerous "experts" and noted collectors who have aided with the development of the content of this website.  This is being shared here as the M9 Bayonet is one of the post popular AR15 parts and accessories sold and available as a military surplus item but yet bayonet identification and M9 bayonet history is often confused. We hope that this website is already the ultimate M9 Bayonet resource on the web and that the tools are here to allow everybody to share their photos, questions, and knowledge.

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Sh*t My Kids Ruined!

Sh*tMyKidsRuined is a photo gallery of oopsies, accidents and disasters involving kids and things.

"Sh*tMyKidsRuined was born one morning in early March when my younger son spilled a quart of black paint on our dining room rug. The covered paint can was out for a project I’d planned for the 2 hours my boys were about to spend in pre-school. Leaving it within his reach was a regrettable parenting mistake if ever there were one!  I alley-ooped, and the little guy slam-dunked it.
SMKR’s mission is comic relief, commiseration and birth control; this is not about blame.  If you’re a parent I hope you identify and laugh, and feel just a little bit better that others go through it, too. And if you’re child-free, I hope you enjoy laughing at the miserable, unfortunate things some of our kids have done, and cherish being free from this particular brand of crap. Anyone here to laugh is welcome.

With sincere thanks,  Julie Haas Brophy

PS – The only unwelcome visitors are those who are here to be mean or judgmental or offer a parenting critique. This is not the place for you."

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The Unblinking Eye

This Unblinking Eye site has a lot of excellent photos and information on older handguns from the Remington Rolling Block to the Sauer 38H, and has serial number information on some of the models that I have not been able to find anywhere else. Colts, Mabs, Walthers, Remingtons, Slavias, Simsons, Stars and Bergmanns are a few makes covered in the main articles, and below are links to some of the other articles.
Cleaning & Lubricating Pistols
The Whitney “Beals Patent” Pocket Revolver
The Baby Hammerless Revolver
The DRS Schouboe Pistol
The Grant Hammond Automatic Pistol
The 1907 Dreyse
The Model 1908 Bayard
The 1908 Steyr Pieper Pistol
The Browning Model 1910 and the Bufalo
The Model 1911 Melior
A Bootlegger’s Gun: The Stosel,
an Eibar or Ruby-type Pistol

The Nueva Alkar 6.35mm
The Tanque Auto Pistol
The Haenel Schmeisser Pistol
The Zehna Pistol
Two Czech .25s (The CZ45 and the DUO)
The Bernardelli VP and Baby Pistols
The Western Arms Corporation of Los Angeles
The PAF Junior
The Rossi Princess Revolver
CZ 52 Competition Firing Pin
Colt Detective Special
High Standard Sentinel
High Standard Double-Nine
Little Ace
The Mini Revolver
The Smith & Wesson Escort
Field-Stripping the Erma KGP 68A
The Kel-Tec PF-9
The Kel-Tec P-32
Defensive Revolvers for Concealed Carry
Holsters for Concealed Carry
The SIG P238 and the Colt Mustang
Glock Grip Modification
The Thompson-La Garde Report

Toss in a few related articles like these

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The Survival Mom
The Survival Mom, in her own words:

Deep inside every mom is a Survival Mom whose passion for her family drives her to make the best of the present and prepare for the future.  I share that passion along with a long-standing, slightly crazed fascination with natural disasters, survival stories and preparing for the unknown.  This drives my husband, the Paranoid Dad, crazy.

I write and teach others about the importance of preparedness and being proactive and share ideas I’ve tried, successes as well as failures.

If you’ve been stashing away a few groceries every week or researching how to make a solar powered generator, you’re not alone!  I hope you’ll find reassurance and practical help here on my blog.  Our concerns for the present and future can be channeled into actions that will help provide for and protect our families while still enjoying the heck out of life!

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MT Traffic Incidents Service

The MT Traffic Incidents Service website has a map that displays the approximate location of recent crash and other incidents as reported by the Montana Highway Patrol (MHP).

Click on a map marker for more information about an incident, or see the table below the map. The default view includes current incidents—those not yet closed by the Montana Highway Patrol.

Use the Search Incidents feature to search for closed and current traffic incidents that occurred within the last 10 days. A general search using only dates will return more complete results.

Note: MHP records for an incident may not include a mappable location. Those incidents will be listed in the table below the map, but will not be displayed on the map.

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World Bayonets

In their words:
The heart of the worldbayonets site is the Bayonet Identification Guide. It contains detailed descriptions and over 1,600 photographs of more than 250 bayonets; plus more than 50 frogs and related items. Bayonets are indexed by country and by length, as well as some type-specific pages. I also include a bibliography of the bayonet and firearms reference books in my reference library, a listing of my published articles, and an online library of bayonet-related reference materials.

Over 2,000 pages of information and buy/sell/wanted lists!

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For Cartridge Collectors is the official web site of the International Ammunition Association and is probably the best resource on the webfor Cartridge collectors and accumulators. The site is filled with cartridge-related information and links

The IAA was founded over 50 years ago to serve cartridge collectors and professionals in the areas of ammunition research and forensics.The members include men and women with academic backgrounds or full time expertise in ballistics, forensics, metallurgy, chemistry, and manufacturing disciplines.  Many are current or former military or law enforcement professionals. Members also include historians and hobbyists interested in the evolution of ammunition, and the amazing variety of ingenious designs that have been tried.  Some are international experts, and others are just beginning hobbyists who enjoy collecting cartridges.

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Hannu's Free Boat Plans

Hannu's Boatyard -- Free Boat Plans is a page full of plans for four foot to sixteen foot boats and many tips & how-to articles. These are well thought out designs, with a lot of technical detail.

This is an 18' canoe built from a single sheet of plywood:

One Sheet Boats

One Sheet Boat Theory

One and a Half Sheet Boats

Slightly Larger Boats

Extremely small boats

Materials, Methods and Accessories

Wood as Boatbuilding Material

Building Projects


The site comes with a disclaimer:

You must understand, that boatbuilding can be dangerous:
-You may get a wood splinter in the finger.
-Several tools are sharp.
-Epoxy may be allergenic and definitely is very messy.
-All possible chemicals may be harmful in one way or another.
-Fibers of glass itch Your fingers and throat.
-Anything else may be dangerous as well.

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Lever Gun Luvers

LevergunLuvers is a fairly small site, with 828 members and 118769 posts in 12132 topics, but it does have some good discussion forums and some helpful links.

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