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The Military Industrial Corporation

"Dear Sir, I am from the Sudan and am in possession of many military weapons. Please send me money so I can get these out of Africa."

Well, not really. The Military Industrial Corporation (MIC) is the state-run defense corporation of Sudan. It produces a vast array of products, some of which appear to be versions of products originally supplied to Sudan or licensed by China, Russia and Iran.

The civil products of the MIC are represented in the construction materials, cables, automobiles, buses and trucks, stationeries, accumulators, televisions, and electronic appliances.

Their creed:
"We, in the MIC, are committed, in obedience to Allah, to make helpful and beneficial, our capacities and potentialities, by providing our various products, industrial services, projects, advanced and integrated systems; in order to realize the security and wellbeing of our nation and to satisfy our clients, being the true initiators of modernization and development in the defense and civil sectors."

They sell a line of military goods that range from boots to battle tanks: Pistols - Rifles - Sub-machine guns -  Machine guns - Howitzers -  Mortars - Rocket launchers - Multi purpose Armored Personnel Carriers - Armored Personnel Infantry Fighting vehicle -  Armored Personnel Carriers - Self-Propelled Howitzers - Small arms ammunition - Artillery Ammunition - Rocket Projectiles - Laser Range Finder -  Laser Aiming Device - Laser Actuated Target - Binocular (10X 40) - Night Vision Binocular (7X 42) and Short and Long Wave transceivers.

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EDC - What You Carry Every Day

The newly-restored EDCForums site has two faces. One is the listing and reviewing of item that are easy to carry and handy to have if your world falls apart unpectedly. The other face is shown in the forums where everyday carry and survival are discussed.

If you are interested in survival, or just in neat gadgets, it is worth a visit.

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The World's Best Bow?

The Liberyt 1! The reviews sound like it, but it might not be legal for hunting in Montana,

FAST - IBO 308, 338* fps (Note: light arrows)
FULL DRAW Holding is 9 lbs@ 65 lb bow (85% Let-Off)
ACCURATE - See Las Vegas winner Quote.
CUSTOMIZED to individual, 234 combinations
SMALLEST Compound Bow in the World
WEIGHT 2.3 lbs, Axle to axle 20.5" - Lightest
Ready to shoot
Package deal is $896, includes all  accessories,  shipping, case, bow tool & 20 day trial.

A fifty yard group.

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Yep, I stole it!

Top 14 Survival Downloads You Should Have

Here are fourteen free PDF downloads that you might find useful – If you know of others please share with us in the comments below…
  1. It’s the End of the World As We Know It – and I Feel Fine – My free e-book covering, food storage, water, weapons etc. I put this together a few years ago and it received some great reviews, but I will admit it is in need of editing and reformatting. Any volunteers?
  2. FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual – How to find water, food, shelter, build a fire, first aid, navigation and other survival skills necessary to survive on your own in the wild. A must for any survival library.
  3. FM 4-25-11 First Aid - While I suggest everyone take a dedicated first-aid class under qualified instructors, this manual by the U.S. Army is a good start for anyone wanting to learn life saving first aid skills.
  4. Army Ranger Handbook (2006) – I picked this manual up at a gun show a few years ago it’s loaded with info on demolitions, booby traps, communications, patrolling, movement, battle drills, combat intelligence and other info.
  5. Principles of Home Canning – Excellent (and free) guide to canning your own produce. Did I mention that it is free? I like that word – Free…
  6. Where There is No Dentist - By giving a well-balanced mixture of illustrations and simple, succinct text in layman’s terms, the book provides valuable, hands-on advice for the most important oral health issues: oral health promotion in the community and basic oral care in low-resource settings. –Habib Benzian World Dental Federation (FDI)
  7. Where There is No Doctor - Covers all aspects of people’s health ranging from diarrhea to malaria and bone fractures and ringworm. Special emphasis is placed on hygiene, a healthy diet and vaccinations, and the book explains to readers what they can do themselves and how to prevent, recognize and treat many common sicknesses. It also shows them how to recognize problems they are unable to cope with and need to refer to a health worker. (description from wikipedia)
  8. NATO Emergency War Surgery – I hope non of us ever have to attempt any of the techniques detailed in this book – don’t get me wrong it is a good book, but performing many of the medical procedures presented without proper training would likely have disasters consequences, but so could doing nothing.
  9. A Guide to Raised Bed Gardening – The title says it all. Great book, if you must garden in a small area or have poor soil.
  10. FM 3-06 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain - Combat techniques for an urban environment, including target engagement, situational awareness, crossing open areas, movement past windows, movement within a building, fighting positions etc. I hope you never need any of this but here it is just in case…
  11. Get Tough - How to win in hand-to-hand fighting. As taught to the British commandos and the U.S. armed forces W. E. Fairbairn.
  12. FEMA Are You Ready? – An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness (IS-22) FEMA’s most comprehensive source on individual, family, and community preparedness. Provides information on specific hazards including what to do before, during, and after each hazard type.
  13. Vegetable Gardening in Containers - Practical tips and techniques for container gardening including variety selection, planting information, and common problems.
  14. Backyard Composting - How to convert raw organic matter into finished compost.
Post from: The Survivalist Blog dot Net - Copyright © 2010 - All Rights Reserved - If you are reading this post on any other site it was stolen by someone to lazy or dumb to write their own content.

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Android & the Smartphone: Apps Part Two

I mentioned some of the general appds and uses for the Droid phones -- here is a list of applications I have used.

* = Most valuable!
Accelerometer Values (

Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

Advanced Task Killer Free (com.rechild.advancedtaskkiller)

*Alarm Clock Xtreme (com.alarmclock.xtreme) EXCELLENT Alarm Clock!

*Aldiko Premium (  Book Reader Supreme!

All-in-1-Calc Free (com.speedsoftware.allin1calcfree)

Anatomy 2011 (com.usbmis.reader.gant)

*AndroZip (com.asrazpaid)  File manager

Angry Birds (com.rovio.angrybirds)  Game

AP Mobile (mnn.Android)  Breaking news feed

*Area & Volume Calculator v1.0.3 (com.firedale.areavolumecalculator)

*AroundMe (com.tweakersoft.aroundme) Local businesses, by GPS location.

ASCII Chart (org.codechimp.ASCIIChart)

ASL Dictionary (com.signtel) American Sign language

ASTRO (com.metago.astro) Another file manager

aTilt 3D Labyrinth Free ( The old "tilt a table to roll a marble through a maze" game"

Audalyzer (org.hermit.audalyzer) Sound meter

*BackCountry Navigator PRO (com.crittermap.backcountrynavigator.license) GPS & Topo maps

*Backup Everything (com.BackupEverything) Puts everything on the Sd card

Ballistics Calculator (com.mstar.ballistics1)

*Barcode Scanner (

Bedside (net.geekherd.bedsidepro2) makes the phone into e bedside clock

*BettrFlickr ( Viewing & uploading photos to Flickr

Bible KJV (com.gyc.ace.kjv)

BigOven ( Cookbook

BioRhythms (app.biorhythms) chart your days

BMI Calc (com.cityjams.calculators.bmibsa)

Bugle Calls (com.fa53.buglecalls) Via the U.S. Army!

*Camera360 Ultimate (vStudio.Android.GPhotoPaid) Better camera controls

Car Performance (com.unnull.apps.carperformance)

CardioTrainer (com.wsl.CardioTrainer)

Carpedia ( All about cars!

Checkers (

Chess (

Classy MoviesTV (com.jkeatinco.ClassyMovies) Streaming B&W movies

Color ID (com.hempton.colorid)

*Concise (trial) (com.paragon.britannica.trial.encyclopedia_britannica.britannica_concise_encyclopedia)

*Construction Calculators (com.sidetop.constructioncalc)

*ConvertDroid (

*Cortado Workplace ( Lets you print over WIFI

Country Radio (com.blumedialab.countryradio) streaming music

Deluxe Moon Lite (com.lifewaresolutions.dmoon.lite) Moon pahase info

Dictionary ( (com.dictionary)

*Document Scanner (com.pwnwithyourphone.documentscanner)

Documents To Go (com.dataviz.docstogo) Edit MS Word & Excel docs

Dog Teaser Sound Box (imoblife.dogteasersoundbox.full)

Dog Whistler (

Doodle Bowling (com.gameresort.plugin) Game

Doodle Dash Lite ( Game

Doodle Jump (com.realarcade.DOJ) Game

Drinks Recipes (com.webworks.drinkscocktails)

DroidLaw (com.bigtwit.droidlaw.main) Legal reference

*DroidLight (com.motorola.dlight) Use the LED camera flash as a flashlight

Earth ( Google earth on a phone

EMF Detector (com.tool.EMFDetectorFree)

EMS ALS (com.informedpublishing.EMSALS) EMT information

EMS BLS (com.informedpublishing.EMSBLS) EMT information

Engineers Calc (com.thomsonlinear.motioneering)

*Facebook (com.facebook.katana)

FactBook (

Favorite Animal Calls (com.favoriteanimalcalls)

FingerBowling (cn.bluesky.fingerbowling) game

Fireworks Live Wallpaper (org.jaeger.wallpaper.fireworks)

First Aid (

FlightTrack (com.mobiata.flighttrackT) Tracks airline schedules

FREEdi YouTube Downloader (

*FTPServer (lutey.FTPServer)

*Gaia GPS ( Topo mapping

*Google Reader (

*Google Sky Map (

*Google Translate (

GPS Essentials (com.mictale.gpsessentials)

GPS Status (com.eclipsim.gpsstatus2)

Herbs of Tradition & Supplements ( v-1.4.0 ) (com.troutmoon.herbsupfrad)

Historical Marker Database (com.ericwikman.hmdb)

HowSteep (com.smallbouldering.howsteep) Inclinomoeter

*iBird Pro ( Bird I.D. Guide

*IMDb ( Movie/TV database

Instant Heart Rate (

Jewels (org.mhgames.jewels) Game

Kelley Blue Book ( Car Prices

*Klondike (

Knot Guide (com.winkpass.knotguide)

*KnotsGuide (com.max.KnotsGuide)

Landscape Calculators (com.sidetop.landscapecalc)

Live Scores (com.protrade.sportacular) Sports scores

Lyrics Search (com.tmanmrt.EasyLyricsSearch) Find that song!

MagnetMeter (com.plaincode.magnetmeter)

*Magnify (com.appdlab.magnify) Use the camera as a magnifying glass

Mahjong (

Math Ref (com.happymaau.MathRef)

Medicinal Herbs (com.mqdp.medicinalherbs)

Metal Detector (com.imkurt.metaldetector)

Miranda Rights (com.domsoft.miranda) Cause ya NEVER know . . .

Mobile Recovery (

Moon Maps (com.atlogis.moonmap)

MorseCoder (

Motion Detector (

*MotoTorch LED (com.alford.MotoTorchLED) LED flashed, used a sa strobe, morse coder, etc.

My Piano (com.bti.myPiano)

*My Tracks ( Best GPS app I have found for biking/walking

*MyBookDroid (org.zezula.bookdiary) Librbay cataloging

MyIP (

MyYahtzee (com.dreamcode.myyahtzee)

*Opera Mini ( The greatest Droid web browser!

*Oxford Dictionary of English (com.mobisystems.msdict.embedded.wireless.oxford.ode)

Pet First Aid (me.jive.petfirstaid)

*Pocket Profit (com.mediascouter) For book pricing

*Police Lights Free (com.lusumdy.policelightsfree) flashing red/blue plus siren -- if you need to hurry!

Quickpedia (com.nextmobileweb.quickpedia)

*Radar Now (com.usnaviguide.radar_now) Weather according to your GPS location

Random Number Generator (com.brandao.randomnumbergenerator)

*Scanner Radio (com.scannerradio) Police radio feeds - including Kalispell area

*Scrabble (ca.jamdat.flight.scrabble)

Shooter (net.kndy.shooterfull) Ballistics

Ski Report (com.skireport)

SoundHound 8 (com.melodis.midomiMusicIdentifier) Identifies the music you are listening to

Spanish (com.skava.spanish)

Spanish Translator/Dictionary (

SpanishDict (com.spanishdict)

Speed Anatomy (com.speedAnatomy.speedAnatomyLite)

*Spirit Level Plus (com.wasserwaage)

Super Compass (com.lanteanstudio.compass)

Surveyor (

*Ted (fr.xgouchet.texteditor) Best ASCII text editor

*Temperature Convert (com.utek.temperatureconvert)

*Time2Hunt (com.baddaddy.time2hunt) Solunar tables plus sun/moon rise/set

Touch Pool 2D (com.selticeapps.pool)

U.S. Army Sniper Training (FM 23-10) (com.milodroid.sniperpro)

U.S. Army Survival Guide (com.androidtrainer.survive)

Ultrachron Lite (spinninghead.talkingstopwatchlite) Stopwatch

Ulysse Gizmos (com.binarytoys.ulysse) A ton of GPS functions

*Unabridged Dictionary (trial) (com.slovoed.trial.merriam_webster.english_english_unabridged)

United States Constitution (com.hotrod.reference.spiritofseventysix)

UnitsConvert (com.avivonet.unitconv)

Urban Dictionary (com.citc.ud)

USA TODAY ( Headlines

VisualGeometryCalculator (

Voice Recorder (

*wardrive (ki.wardrive) Find open WIFI hotspots

*WeatherBug Elite (

*WeFi Connect (com.wefi.wefi) Autoconnect to open WIFI systems

Where Autos Are Made (com.weasellabs.whereautosaremade) VIN decoder

Wifi Analyzer (com.farproc.wifi.analyzer)

*WikiMobile (com.bonfiremedia.android_wikimobile) Wikipedia access

Wild Game Hunting Call (com.soundbored.HuntingCall)

Winamp (com.nullsoft.winamp) Music player

Wind Speed Calculator (

Wolfram Alpha (

Wood Beam Calculator (

*Wordfeud (com.hbwares.wordfeud.full) Online Scrabble game

*World ( Weather in selected locations

World Clock (

Yellowbook (com.yellowbook.android2) Yellow Pages

Zip Code Search (com.kcInc.postalcodesearch)

The Internet Movie Firearms Database

The IMFD is a full searchable database of movies, characters, actors and firearms.

It is broken down into general catagories:
MoviesGunsActorsTelevisionAnimeVideo GamesImages

There are also discussion forums that have a wealth of related information.

(Thank you, BoingBoing!

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Android & the Smartphone.

 Android isn't just a robot -- it's  a Mobile Operating System, developed By Android Inc. and marketed by Google. It was developed for use on phones, tablet, and notebook computers, and designed with an open framework (non-proprietory) so it would be easy to expand and develop applications for.

It is based on Linux, MS Windows' closest competitor, a full-featured, free, open source operating system.

Android is what puts the "Smart" in Smartphones. There are over 100,000 programs available for download on the Android Market, most of them free and all of them inexpensive. Installing a selection of these programs converts what you have in your hand from a mere phone to a tool of nearly magical properties.

Sure, it gives it all the usual computer abilities -- Internet access for weather and news and information, writing & editing, email, etc, but it goes well past that.

Of course it can take photos, but how about acting as a sound meter? Compass? Bubble level? Calculator? Inclinometer? Color meter? Magnetometer? Accelerometer?
Magnifier? There are applications available for all of these.

Want GPS, topo maps, and turn-by-turn driving directions? Yep, you can have then with the newest Android phones and a number of applications.

Curious what that song is that's playing? Fire up Soundhound and let it listen for a few seconds. It will tell you the song, the singer and the album, list the lyrics so you can sing along, and give you a link to buy the track from Amazon.

Yes, it plays music beautifully, in stereo via a headset.

Did I mention the millions of books that you can download and read? I have over 800 on my phone, complete with illustrations. There are a number of sources for these free ebooks, including Borders.

There are calculators available for everything from Advanced Ballistics to Body Mass Index and Depth of Field.

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Hiker Hell

The Hiker Hell Blog is about learning from other people’s mistakes, so you don’t make the same ones.

It categorizes and details several years worth of lives and deaths, close calls and fatalities and Search & Rescue attempts.

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Barrel length vs. Velocity, Handgun Ballistics by the Inch

They say one picture is worth kilowords. Well, the illustration above pretty well sums up the information in this site.  Barrel length vs. velocity!

Ballistics by the inch is the story of how a few guys decided to put some exact figures to the old controversy of "It's not how long it is, it's how you use it" and used almost nine thousand rounds of ammo and a metal saw doing it.

They tested sixteen common pistol calibers, each over a range of barrel lengths (in one inch steps) from 18" down to 2", and each using a variety of ammunition, most of it "premium" ammo made for self-defense purposes.  In each case they fired three rounds of a given ammo at a given barrel length, recording the velocity of the bullets at 15 feet with two commercial chronographs.  If they did not get two reliable readings for each of three rounds, they repeated the process until they did.  Then they would cut an inch off of the barrel and repeat the process.

9,000 rounds of ammunition later, here are their findings.

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Motorized Bicycling

Motorbicycling is the best site that is dedicated to all kinds of motorized bicycling and covers everything from converting to troubleshooting, repairing, and customizing to prepping, customizing and cruising. Conventional bikes. mountain bikes, recumbents, choppers, whizzers and rat rods are covered, and at up to 35mph and 150mpg these bikes are getting more popular all the time.

 In Montana, a bicycle was defined in 1979 as having 2-3 wheels touching the ground. Functioning pedals that allow the operator to propel the vehicle without assistance. If equipped with an auxilary power source the motor will not exceed 2 BHP and/or 50cc. The auxilary motor will not permit the vehicle to exceed 30 mph

If these limits are exceeded the vehicle becomes subject to all regulations pertaining to motorcycles -- i.e. DMV title, headlights, tail lights, turn signals, motorcycle operator endorsement to an individual's Driver's License, vehicle license plate and vehicle registration within the county of residence.

There are no separate legal provisions for MOPEDS, electric bicycles or AHPV 4-wheeled vehicles such as a quadracycle with any size/type auxilary motor or not.

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Springbrook Ranch

Springbrook Ranch is located between Airport Road and Foy's Lake, a one thousand acre spread.

They raise Tibetan Yak, Elk, and Plains Bison. They also have horses, donkeys, a mule, goats, chickens and or course dogs and cats. The yak are raised primarily as high end breeding stock for other yak breeders. They also produce yak meat, pack animals and pasture pets. The bison are raised solely for meat. Most of the meat goes to a local market through private sales, health food stores and restaurants.

They do give tours and visitors are welcome:
We do ranch tours by appointment only, please give us polite notice and don't just show up at the front door.
We especially like to do school tours. We calve in April, so late spring is the best time to bring kids.
Spring Brook Ranch, LLC
Jim Watson
191 Foys Canyon Road
Kalispell, MT 59901

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