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The Airgun Magazine.

Hard Air Magazine is a new, one-stop destination for everything airgun related.
The free online magazine is devoted entirely and exclusively to airguns and associated products.
The dynamic Hard Air Magazine web site encompasses the whole airgun community and provides visitors with a constantly changing variety of news and reviews about airguns.
Magazine Founder, Stephen Archer, comments “Our goal with Hard Air Magazine is to offer balanced, instructive information to people purchasing airguns and accessories in an interesting and useful format. Hard Air Magazine’s rapid news coverage and focus on the consumer’s decision-making process is how we distinguish ourselves.”
“Unlike other airgun media, Hard Air Magazine is not tied to one distributor or manufacturer.
“We cover the entire spectrum of products through objective editorial, illustration and videos,” says Archer.
“It is estimated that 10 to 12 million airguns will be purchased in the U.S. in 2015,” Archer comments. Many consumers will research their purchases on the Internet in search of buying recommendations before making a decision.”
“So, the most current news about airguns, with fact-based, detailed product reviews are at the heart of Hard Air Magazine. We’ve put together a phenomenal team of product testers with over 100 years of combined experience in airgun shooting to conduct unbiased reviews,” he adds.
“These are genuine enthusiasts who have spent their lifetimes shooting airguns and truly understand what makes one better than another. While they are all experienced with multiple types of airguns, each has his specialty,” remarks Archer.