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Nylon Rifles

Nylon Guns
Several years ago Mac66 set out to find information about the Remington Nylon Rifles on the web. Since he happened to acquire several of these guns and was intrigued by their design and history he wanted to get as much info as he could as far as how to care for them, repairs and any other tips and tricks that would help with these plastic guns. What he found was a very scattered hodge-podge of information that many times seemed to counterdict itself. As Mac66 dug deeper he discovered that there were many other collectors and enthusiasts out there that were also searching for details on these rifles.
In August of 2001, Mac66 set up the NylonRifles group on Yahoo Groups  to collect and share information about these Remington Nylons with others. Over the nearly 6 years and several hundred members the group collected a great amount of information including articles, literature, repair guides, service manuals and photos. The discussions there benefitted the whole Nylon Rifle community and the sharing of stories and knowledge helped to gain a better appreciation for these plastic guns and better understanding of the history behind them. With this vast amount of information and the limitations of the Yahoo groups it became apparent that the Nylon Rifle and the community that had been built around it needed a proper home on the web.
In April of 2007 Mac66 enlisted the help of LouieMacGoo to help develop a website that would properly host the NylonRifle community as well as provide a place that the information that had been collected could be stored and be easily searchable On May 1, 2007 we opened up the forums on this website followed shortly after by the articles and other parts of the site.
Since both Mac66 and LouieMacGoo are just hobbiests and not professional web designers the site has been relatively small. But we are commited to supporting the community that we have formed here and continuing to gather and provide information about these fine Rifles.
The best and most active part of the site for getting information and sharing is the forum and we encourage you to join and share your stories about these fine rifles.