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The Warlords of Afghanistan

Kabul in civil war. Dostum Masud Hekmatyar warlords fighting.

The Warlords of Afghanistan are pretty well covered in this oddball website, and as for the warlords themselves, they are a glimpse into another age.

We live in a society crammed shoulder to shoulder with others, careful not to offend, concealing our ambitions, publicly mouthing pious opinions about how drugs are bad, church is good, and pretending we have freedom. The warlords are a fascinating contrast; contemporary versions of Robert Guiscard, Jesse James, Al Capone, and many other freebooting scallywags from our own past. They are amazingly resilient, lurking in the hills when defeated, waiting for a chance to come back. They are also cruel and brave and crazy with conviction. They live large and die violent, self-pitying deaths.

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