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Flathead Shelter Friends

Our Purpose: FSF is dedicated to raising funds to meet the needed support of the Flathead County Animal Shelter in finding loving homes for every adoptable pet.

Our Mission: To increase pet adoption, to improve the quality of life for shelter animals and to promote responsible pet ownership.

FCAS Statistics: The Flathead County Animal Shelter is the only open-admission animal shelter in Flathead County.  The shelter has improved the adoption/rescue numbers tremendously.  Our euthanasia rate is very low, at about 12% in 2009.   Our live release rate is at 88% for  2009.  We took in 1475 dogs and 924 cats in 2009.  Overall, the shelter does not euthanize animals for space.  Circumstances require euthanizing in our open admission shelter due to aggression, illness and injury.   Thanks to the hard work and efforts of all the staff and volunteers, all adoptable animals are rescued, fostered and taken care of until a forever adopter takes them home.

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