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Fortean Times, to Satisfy Your Taste for the Bizarre

The Fortean Times  – "The World of Strange Phenomena" – is a British monthly magazine devoted to the anomalous phenomena popularised by Charles Fort, available in print or online.

The magazine's current regular contents includes:
  • Three or four feature articles
  • Strange Days, a wide-ranging overview of odd and interesting stories mostly culled from the world's newspapers. Some feature in particular sections, including:
    • Science,
    • Archaeology (usually by Pauls Sieveking and Devereux),
    • Ghosts, in a column titled Ghostwatch
    • Alien Zoo, Dr. Karl Shuker's regular discussion of cryptozoological matters
    • Necrolog, obituaries of Fortean-relevant individuals
    • Strange deaths, a long-running round-up of the odd manners in which some people meet their ends
    • The UFO Files: "Flying Saucery", is Andy J. Roberts and Dr. David Clarke's "regular survey of the latest fads and flaps from the world of ufology"; "UFOcal Points" is Jenny Randles' "round-up of sightings and hot-spots from around the world"
Clippings for most of Strange Days' stories are requested from, and supplied by, the readers of FT
  • Mythconceptions, which debunks modern myths, Old wives' tales, etc. (in a similar manner to, among others
  • Classical Corner, in which Barry Baldwin reviews Fortean events from ancient times
  • Fortean Bureau of Investigation, which typically revisits and reassesses older Fortean cases
  • Forum, featuring three or four shorter articles on diverse topics
  • Reviews of Fortean, science fiction/fantasy and related Books, films and computer games
  • A letters page, incorporating:
    • Simulacra Corner, photographs submitted by readers of (typically) naturally occurring objects which appear to be in the shape of something else
    • "it happened to me...", readers stories of strange personal occurrences
  • Fortean Traveller, a guide to various sites of interest to the travelling Fortean
  • Phenomenomix, a comic strip by Hunt Emerson

(Information source: Wikipedia)

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