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The Consumerist, Where Shoppers Bite Back.

The Consumerist is a consumer affairs blog owned by Consumers Union and featurng editorial posts and posts from regular daily contributors. The blog's focus is on consumerism and consumers' experiences and issues with companies and corporations, concentrating mostly on U.S. consumers.

Some of the topics of its blog entries are originated by the editors, but most come from reader-submitted tips and complaints.

 Shopping tips, exposés of rip-offs, financial trends, great deals, horror shopping stories and pranks are the meat of the site. It is educational and interesting, and can help you save money.

The three latest headlines as I write this:

Florida Motorists Illegally Detained For Paying With Large Bills
Warner Bros. Starts Renting Movies Through Facebook

Subway Tops McDonald's To Become Largest Fast-Food Chain

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