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The Military Industrial Corporation

"Dear Sir, I am from the Sudan and am in possession of many military weapons. Please send me money so I can get these out of Africa."

Well, not really. The Military Industrial Corporation (MIC) is the state-run defense corporation of Sudan. It produces a vast array of products, some of which appear to be versions of products originally supplied to Sudan or licensed by China, Russia and Iran.

The civil products of the MIC are represented in the construction materials, cables, automobiles, buses and trucks, stationeries, accumulators, televisions, and electronic appliances.

Their creed:
"We, in the MIC, are committed, in obedience to Allah, to make helpful and beneficial, our capacities and potentialities, by providing our various products, industrial services, projects, advanced and integrated systems; in order to realize the security and wellbeing of our nation and to satisfy our clients, being the true initiators of modernization and development in the defense and civil sectors."

They sell a line of military goods that range from boots to battle tanks: Pistols - Rifles - Sub-machine guns -  Machine guns - Howitzers -  Mortars - Rocket launchers - Multi purpose Armored Personnel Carriers - Armored Personnel Infantry Fighting vehicle -  Armored Personnel Carriers - Self-Propelled Howitzers - Small arms ammunition - Artillery Ammunition - Rocket Projectiles - Laser Range Finder -  Laser Aiming Device - Laser Actuated Target - Binocular (10X 40) - Night Vision Binocular (7X 42) and Short and Long Wave transceivers.

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