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Android & the Smartphone.

 Android isn't just a robot -- it's  a Mobile Operating System, developed By Android Inc. and marketed by Google. It was developed for use on phones, tablet, and notebook computers, and designed with an open framework (non-proprietory) so it would be easy to expand and develop applications for.

It is based on Linux, MS Windows' closest competitor, a full-featured, free, open source operating system.

Android is what puts the "Smart" in Smartphones. There are over 100,000 programs available for download on the Android Market, most of them free and all of them inexpensive. Installing a selection of these programs converts what you have in your hand from a mere phone to a tool of nearly magical properties.

Sure, it gives it all the usual computer abilities -- Internet access for weather and news and information, writing & editing, email, etc, but it goes well past that.

Of course it can take photos, but how about acting as a sound meter? Compass? Bubble level? Calculator? Inclinometer? Color meter? Magnetometer? Accelerometer?
Magnifier? There are applications available for all of these.

Want GPS, topo maps, and turn-by-turn driving directions? Yep, you can have then with the newest Android phones and a number of applications.

Curious what that song is that's playing? Fire up Soundhound and let it listen for a few seconds. It will tell you the song, the singer and the album, list the lyrics so you can sing along, and give you a link to buy the track from Amazon.

Yes, it plays music beautifully, in stereo via a headset.

Did I mention the millions of books that you can download and read? I have over 800 on my phone, complete with illustrations. There are a number of sources for these free ebooks, including Borders.

There are calculators available for everything from Advanced Ballistics to Body Mass Index and Depth of Field.

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