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Rare Winchesters is comprised of an evolving private collection of antique firearms, specializing in WINCHESTERS from the 1800's and early 1900's. The collection includes rifles, pistols, shotguns and miscellaneous accessories and accoutrements, mostly from Winchester, but from many other well known gun makers as well.

Some items are historically significant, such as the first gun made by WINCHESTER, the Henry carbine owned by Yellowstone Kelly, or the model 1895 Lee recovered from the wreck of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor.

If you are a serious collector, or simply an interested hobbyist, feel free to browse around my site. Not everything is necessarily for sale, but I am always interested in trading, selling and buying, so any serious offers will be considered. Let me know what you think, or make an offer on something you like, but most of all...

Enjoy your visit to

Rob Kassab
VP, Winchesters Arms Collectors Association

Winchester 1886 Rifle .40-82 s/n 8801 mfg 1887

Winchester 1886 Rifle .40-82 s/n 8801 mfg 1887 - First Model Special Order 26" extra-heavy barrel, set trigger. Rifle remains in good to very good overall condition with brownish gray patina finish showing traces of blue and faint case hardening mixed in patina; barrel address is sharp and clear, edges are good, the arm shows scattered fight to moderate surface pitting overall; wood stocks are good to very good with scratches, slight imperfections, small losses, dings, mars and normal use, but are generally very good; rifle is mounted with a period Lyman tang sight, action is good, bore is very good+ with just a couple of areas of erosion that might clean, lever and block show some mars and break of screw in the interior, and there are some marks on the inside of lever. Only a very limited number of extra-heavy barreled 1886 Winchesters were made, and this one is fully verified by Cody factory letter and Madis letter.

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