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On The Issues: Every Leader, Every Issue

On The Issues: Every Leader, Every Issue!  Pretty much sums it up. This site helps you separate the lies from the truth, or at least gives you all the records of how all the politicians have performed in the past regardless of what they mifght say today..

The are lists of Governors, House of Representative members, and Senators and their challengers, books they have authored, issues, SOTU and State of the State speeches.

Politicians are rated on most major issues: Strongly Support,  Support,  No Opinion,  Oppose, or  Strongly Oppose.

There are forums, and a mix of related political information. If you really want to vote carefully instead of blindly, if you want to be able to pick out lies and half-truths in speeches and promises, you should spend some time researching here. Most of our country's problems come from the people WE elected, and we owe it to ourselves to be informed before we vote again.

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