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Custom Sheaths

Eric at ON/SCENE TACTICAL makes custom synthetic knife & tool sheaths for just about any knife. I just got one to replace the crappy sheath that came with my Buck Nighthawk. Great service, friendly communication and a high quality product.

The OLD & the NEW:

The protrusion on the back of the sheath is for a Firestick.

In His words:

I Stake My Reputation on my Quality! Eric E. Noeldechen - On/Scene Tactical

I've never understood why a manufacturer of a seemingly high quality knife, would pay such little attention to a sheath. A Good quality sheath is Just as important as the blade itself... If Not More!

All On/Scene Tactical products are manufactured from Concealex© a High Tech Thermoforming plastic that has been specially designed for the firearms/cutlery industry. Similar to Kydex but Better..

Every sheath I produce is Handcrafted one at a time. Not stamped out or slapped together. Quality is Strictly controlled through each phase of the process.

Being a Craftsman in real life has given me the ability to pay special attention to workmanship and an eye for detail. There is still something to be said for Handcrafted work. All sheath makers are Not cut from the same sheet of Concealex©, So to Speak...

Unlike leather or ballistic nylon, Concealex© sheaths will not retain water and are pretty much resistant to most household cleaners and petroleum products.

Concealex© cleans up with ordinary soap and water and can even be sterilized with alcohol or a bleach solution if blood or body fluids come in contact with your tools and sheath. The inside of the sheath can be hosed out with water if grit gets caught inside.

Concealex© will not retain moisture, separate, decay and will retain it's shape and only change shape under high heat conditions. A Properly Engineered sheath will last Many more years than a Nylon or Leather production sheath.

Not to mention that a Synthetic sheath is the Absolute Best in Security and Safety!

All On/Scene Tactical products come standard with a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects and are hand tuned to get rid of as many rattles as possible. If you destroy it under normal working conditions, I'll replace or fix it at no cost! (exposure or tampering with high temperatures will void this warranty) A sheath of this high quality however should last you many years!

Please contact me if you have a design idea in mind, I would be happy to work out any details you might have...

Eric E. Noeldechen - On/Scene Tactical or (519) 738-6693

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Jean & Vic said...

very nice looking sheath. Have you given it a good field test yet, or is that to be expected later this spring, and or summer?